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Now that I think about it, I guess what I saw from a clip from a previous year with Harry singing. Did like your viola practice and the little boy with the improv videos on YouTube. You make music fun.
Chris, Are you going to be on American Idol this year? I'm sure I saw you when Ryan was talking about Harry was to perform tonight. I assume it was a clip of rehearsal? But didn't see you on the actual show tonight. What about The Voice?
chris this is awesome stuff indeed well done, listen to you all the time i can in background while im teaching at take care all parents find your music amazing i have to say! You need to get out more in my opinion, keep increasing the shows
Thank you for sharing your talent on American Idol. I enjoy looking out to see you and what you ar going to do next. Great Job on the Show " Candance Glover, When you beleive". And you are not a bad looking guy, very sexy in those black slacks.
Recognized you on Idol (you have the same passion as you did 30 years ago) and couldn't wait to tell my mom and my sisters Jessica and Juliette! Congrats on your success!!
The Intimate evening at the Olandar Foundation with Gerald Rivers doing MLK speeches was fabulous. You Chris were such an amazing heart felt support and your playing touched my soul. Benjamin felt your support and love during the evening in Malibu while he performed. Thank You
I appreciate you as a musician and educator, there is a great profession, there are major shortcomings in this area of ​​kemanlara life-giving holiday for you, I hope you come and visit this summer has already come easy ediceğiz and violin alıcağız thank you best regards
Bless you, Chris, for everything you bring to the world. Your's is truly a gift we cannot afford to be without. May you be given every opportunity to share your music and beautifully, playful heart with people the world over.
My mother just called me all excited because she saw you on proud for you and all of your accomplishments! Please tell your family Hello from all of us! Jennifer Shrum Behunin
Hi Chris, I hear you playing at Agape on Jan 29, 2012. It was breathtakingly beautiful and deeply touched my soul. Thank You! Thank you! Thank you! Do you have a CD with just YOU playing alone -- no other instrumentation? Would love to buy that CD. Sincerely, Cheryl Carter
Beautiful website! Tell me how to do one like it.
Hi Chris, Just want to thank you and your family for the amazing gift you all shared with us at Agape this morning. The Prayer is truly beautiful as expressed through The Woods Family Quartet's artistry. I stream the services from my home in Washington, D.C. I used to attend Agape in the late 90's and really appreciate every opportunity to join the services via the lovestream. Peace, Blessings and Happy Holiday to you and your family. I look forward to Sonication's album!
Incredible music. You are very talented, what an accomplishment! The Guggenheim thing was absolutely incredible. I would've had to break out of my trance to clap!!
nice site you ol dawg ! keep up the good fight, blessings...
Great site...great music! Thanks 4 sharing with us All.
I've only found out about you a few hours ago! I heard your amazing piece on the LXD performance on Google Play, bringing me to this site. You're amazing!
Congratulations on your website and on your new projects! Everyone at Rolling Hills was really impressed w/your performance during the services,and asked about buying CDs. I will give them your website information so they can follow up. Peace and all the best, Althea
Hello Chris, I saw you play "The Spirit of God is Upon Me" during one of the services at All I could think of is: "WOW"!! At one with his violin. Loved it!!! Looking forward to listening to more of your music!! "Peace and Blessings"